Keynotes & Presentations

Our principal, Eric Meade, is an accomplished speaker across many topics, but in all cases attendees leave with new insights, optimism, and practical steps they can take based on what they have learned. All speeches are tailored to the needs and contexts of a particular audience. Selected past topics are shown below. Other topics can be developed upon request. So contact us to book Eric Meade for your next conference or event.

Composition of human feature lines and symbolic elements with metaphorical relationship to human mind, consciousness, imagination, science and creativity

Innovating with the Whole Mind

Today’s environment require companies and organizations to increase their innovative capacity. This requires that they step out of their current thinking into a more intuitive space, and then craft new thinking from the insights found there so that they can prototype new solutions. This speech presents a framework for innovation and includes an optional exercise where participants generate and prototype solutions to an existing challenge.


Leading and Managing in Evolution’s “Phase B”

Between 1965 and 2020, humans are passing through the inflection point in the S-curve of their population growth. Dr. Jonas Salk described this as a shift from Phase A to Phase B of human evolution. So what’s different? This speech discusses how best practice in strategic planning, organization design, and leadership development is already moving into Phase B, and shows you how you can apply these practices.


The Business Value of Emotion

Many companies would like to improve their employee engagement, collaboration, innovative capacity, and their agility. But these are all deeply emotional conversations, since the main impediment to these things is the emotional attachment employees have to doing things their own way. By creating greater space for emotions at work, many companies are tapping new sources of business value. This speech will show you how you can too.


What Is “Health Equity” in 2016?

Over the past couple decades, health equity has emerged as a core aim of the health infrastructure in the U.S. and around the world. But what is its future? This speech explores health equity’s significance as a human advance and also describes how health leaders can move beyond the current interpretation of this construct to promote equity in health – and life – outcomes for everyone in our society.

Contact us to book Eric Meade for your next conference or event.