Your partner amid uncertainty

We help nonprofits, businesses, and foundations evolve their strategic planning, organization design, and leadership development to embrace uncertainty and to capture the opportunities it offers. We are living through a period of unprecedented change, and our clients face situations in which traditional thinking no longer works and emotions run high. We deliver on client outcomes by engaging all three domains of the human mind:



The application of a learned logic to break things down, define constructs, and map the relationships among them.



The bodily experience of feelings that predispose a person toward a certain attitudinal or behavioral response.



The capacity for awareness of the whole of a situation and of the actions that are precisely appropriate to that situation.

Everyone likes to quote Einstein that “today’s problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” By engaging all three of the domains listed above, we help you reach the new level of thinking that is required. We help your employees let go of the emotional attachment to how things have been so that they can find the most promising opportunities for the future and then work together to put in place the scaffolding for the future they want. The result? Greater innovation, improved employee engagement, stronger collaboration, and reduced resistance to the changes that are necessary to remain relevant and effective.

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