“What you’ve been able to do here in Memphis is to help people think not just ‘outside the box’ but ‘outside the building.’ You’ve enabled people to go beyond the conventional strategic planning process or the ‘boiler plate’ strategic planning process that most institutions use. With the way you first of all listen and second of all encourage openness, you have the capacity for people to trust you almost instantly. I’m not sure that’s something you’ve acquired or something you were born with. I just think you have an innate ability to listen and to have people feel comfortable in your presence and to know they can say whatever they want to say and you won’t use it inappropriately. Gary Kaplan once said, ‘Leaders are beacons of reality who know what is right and how to act.’ I think you portray that characteristic of leadership: what’s real here, and what’s right, and how to act upon what is right. I thought your two-page assessment of the circumstances at Healthy Shelby was extraordinary. You were able to digest a complex set of circumstances in a relatively short period of time with a relatively small number of interviews and define precisely what the key issues were. That’s a talent that doesn’t come to many.”

Robert R. Waller, MD
Former CEO
The Mayo Clinic

“Whole Mind Strategy Group worked with the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) to rethink and reinvigorate its governance and organizational structures and processes. The team quickly assessed what was working and what could be improved through interviews of volunteers and staff, focus groups, observations of group processes, and document review. They gave sound recommendations for ONS’s governance and organization design keeping the focus on the whole system. ONS members overwhelming approved the proposed governance changes. Throughout the process, Eric was respectful of our history and traditions yet challenged us to expand our view of the organization of the future. We are excited by the possibilities.”

Brenda Nevidjon, MSN, RN, FAAN
Chief Executive Officer
Oncology Nursing Society

“Never before have I heard anyone describe a strategic planning experience as ‘awesome’ and ‘exhilarating’ – until today!”

Amy Stone
Executive Director
Society of Behavioral Medicine

“Eric is a skilled facilitator: one who presents a quiet and attentive strength that inspires me to be reflective, thoughtful, and sometimes mind-bending in the space he deftly creates for participants. He adjusts to the client while tactfully making suggestions and guiding the conversation to a better outcome that is productive, accomplished, and thought provoking.”

Gina Capra
Director, Office of Rural Health
Veterans Health Administration

“I have to share with you that the day you spent with us has totally transformed my thinking on a variety of fronts. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to a new way of thinking about our work.”

Sue Williamson
Portfolio Director, Health Care
The Colorado Health Foundation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Eric in three health-related venues – academic strategic planning for a new school of public health, organizational restructuring for a community health initiative, and strategic planning for a national society of behavioral and prevention scientists. This allowed me to see his talent and ability to adapt to unique audiences and circumstances. His intelligence, wit, and deep motivation to have each group consider their future in aspirational terms are key aspects of his effectiveness. I enjoyed each experience and would work with Eric again in a moment.”

Lisa Klesges, Ph.D.
Founding Dean & Professor of Epidemiology & of Social and Behavioral Sciences
University of Memphis School of Public Health

“You do a good job opening people up because you do that yourself… You are clearly into this with every cell in your body, and that really captures people. This isn’t just an interesting gig to make money. It’s really apparent that you walk the talk.”

Mary Kaplan-Vallier
Endowment for Health

“Thank you so very much Eric. Everyone enjoyed your presentation immensely and you are a delight to work with.”

Catherine Edwards
Executive Director
Missouri Alliance of Area Agencies on Aging

“This [scenario] process has gotten us to ask questions we never would have asked if we had used a more conventional approach.”

Lois Mikkila
Howard County (Md.) Department of Citizen Services

“I didn’t know where you were going with that discussion, but I’m so glad we had it. I see now how the structure shapes so many of the other things we’re trying to do.”

Thomas Klobucar, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
VHA Office of Rural Health